Michael Laube

Space Reloaded

Michael Laube’s artistic development has its basis in painting. With his turning to acrylic glass as a carrier medium, he has transcended and broadened the familiar boundaries of the painterly to include spatiotemporal perspectives, which thus permit him more radical forms for his examinations of the themes of light, movement, color, and space. In his works, colorful structures interact in sequences of solid-colored stripes or rings, which then undergo, in part radical, alterations with a change in the viewer’s position. Beginning with a basis layer, he mounts differently designed intermediate layers, so that a moving “in front of and behind” arises as a result of this layering. The monograph Space Reloaded provides insights into Michael Laube’s artistic work of the last five years.

140 pages
24,50 × 30,50 cm
Kerber Verlag, 2016
ISBN 978-3-7356-0326-5
Euro 38,00

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